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Personal Info

Age: 22
Fav Colour: Pink
Hobbies: Dance, Travel, and trying new things ex. foods
Fav Movie: Fried green tomatos
Fav Food: Cookies (Hooters food is buffalo shrimp)
Years Worked at Hoots: 1 year
Things people may not know about me: Former competitive figure skater of 10 years, can do 33 cartwheels in a row, master angler for trophy walleye 2014.

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  • dnmcivor says:

    This girl is the most beautiful person I know inside and out. She would do anything for anyone she loves, I would know. Shes so many different things at once, adventurous, amazing sense of humor, sassy in a good way, talented, caring and of course works for you guys- Hooters. My friend or not, hands down this lady deserves too win and she will not let you down she’s hot stuff and determined. Go Sav!!

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